to engage and influence

 - it can happen

through design.



Creating a better you. Translating the sports curriculum into a wallscape to engage and inspire.

Deliverables: Consultation | Site Survey | Design | Artworking | Large Format Graphics | Installation

From Brief to Outcome.

Good print design is like a well-written book or speech. All of the words have to be carefully chosen to guide the reader or listener through a series of ideas that communicate an overall message.


That's exactly the process that we had to undertake with the curriculum, to translate it into a series of ideas to energy and resonance.


Research proves how visual stimuli helps us to connect to ideas, learn and inform decisions.  We see over and again throughout our shopping experiences where captivating imagery is used to persuade us to buy.  We chose to take that as a concept and apply it to a curriculm... Bold, vibrant artwork designed to generate interest, provoke engagement, educate, welcome and inspire.

Our project initiative and design was approved by all stakeholders on it's first circulation!

Rubina Lokat
Head of Commercial and Creative


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Hanif Lokat
Head of Design & Operations

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