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Benefits of a branded
healthcare practice

A well-considered, branded practice can make your practice stronger and attractive to all stakeholders.

Below are just some of the benefits of having a branded practice.

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The benefits of having your branding in the right places.

All businesses understand how important a great logo and website is but sometimes it is easy to forget how the appearance of generic plain walls, entrance windows and uninspiring reception areas and surgeries can impact your business performance.

It's good for business.

Ever walked into a surgery, it smells clinical, it feels quiet and almost lifeless. Today, they are typically the ones that are struggling.


It’s vastly different to a surgery that has a depth of elegance, information that is helpful and a setting that makes you feel at ease. The atmosphere is welcoming and it’s where, by choice, patients tend to go and talented teams grow.

A unified space.

One way you can drastically improve the perceptions of your staff, improve their performance and generally make them happier is by investing in your interior branding.


Your interior sets a precedent for pride in the workplace and a tone of the levels of  service that patients can expect

A clear first impression.

The most important aspect of marketing your business!


For most people these are subliminal cues that influence their thoughts about, and impression of your company. If growing your private client base is on your agenda, then leaving a lasting, first impression is key.

Strengthens patient loyalty.

Your practice branding offers an opportunity to inform, engage and entertain in areas where people congregate and may be in that space for a while.


People… patients typically prefer to go where they know their anxiety levels will be reduced.


Every business wants their premises to look good.


Why is it important? Your physical environment provides a clever opportunity to market your business and your services in a unique way that will naturally attract the ideal patients.

It doesn’t need to be expensive.

We’re not talking tens of thousands but it should be done once, properly.

Your windows and walls, your reception areas and your information, when displayed and portrayed correctly through graphics and carefully executed print marketing can change your entire positioning.

Why                   ?

Allowing an experienced print and design house to take care of your practice, from your window graphics to the impression that your practice gives is important. By choosing the right provider for you, you can have access to a commercial and design expertise and support to help your practice over the longer term.

So why PrintPrint? Design agencies do not have the in-house facilities to execute the graphics and installations and have to charge excessive premiums, others seem intent on doing things as cheaply as possible, where cost compromises quality and as that saying goes, you get what you pay for.

At PrintPrint, we believe in helping you build pride into your practice brand that will synonymously help you to achieve your goals.  In doing so, we provide you with added value support that is focused on longevity and growth ambition, not short term savings. So, if that sounds appealing to you, let's have a chat.

We were surprised with how quickly PrintPrint grasped the essence of our practice and translated it into design and workspace graphics that make our patients feel at ease and provide us with a practice that we feel proud of.

Faye XYZ | Practice Manager | Carillon Dental Practice

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